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  Your pager has its own e-mail address! You can send an e-mail directly to your pager , or You can ask your Internet service provider to have copies of your e-mail messages forwarded to your pager's e-mail address. The process is simple and requires no special software. Your pager's address is [7digit_number] Substitute your pager number for the"[7digit_number]" shown above (without the brackets) and provide it to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Messages are limited to approximately 200 characters and show the sender's e-mail address, and the 1st 200 characters of the message (Including the senders e-mail address and from:).  Attachment's will be ignored. 



Instant Internet paging while on line

New Internet Paging Client!

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You will need it to extract this file.
If you don't have Winzip. Here is a link to

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