Paging is the most cost-effective communications choice for many businesses today. American Page Network serves thousands of customers and delivers millions of pages daily. Our extensive coverage in rural communities provides reliable communications in area that have weak or non-existent coverage.

American Page Network offers a variety of Alpha Numeric and Numeric pagers.

Motorola pagers:
The Motorola ® PageWriter 2000X features a full keyboard and graphic display that allows you to communicate wirelessly with other one- and two-way pagers and Internet email addresses, yet is small enough to comfortably wear on your belt.



Apollo pagers:


Eagle pagers:

  • 20 Messages

  • 4 Addresses

  • 1 line numeric display

  • Real time/date displayed in 12/24 hour format

  • displayed when out of reception range

  • Power usage 0.3mA standby, 6mA receiving

  • Display indicating low voltage

  • Battery one "AAA" 1.5V

  • Battery life 950 hours (alkaline battery)

  • Battery back-up 15 seconds (when battery is changed)

  • Weight 2 oz (approx)

  • Size L 1 5/8" x H 2 3/8" x W 5/8"

  • Colors Black, Cranberry, Teal, Blue

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